Residential Environment Services


Ellendale Environmental have provided ecological and environmental management support on residential projects throughout the UK.

Our Ecologists and ECoW’s have provided baseline surveys including Extended Phase 1 surveys, protected species surveys, Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA), Appropriate Assessment (AA) and EIA.


The Street Oaksey

the street oaksey.jpg

A Site at Oaksey, North Wiltshire was proposed for residential housing by a client. Previous surveys at the site by another ecology consultancy were challenged by the council and at a planning appeal.

We were asked to by the client to represent them and progress the site for a new planning application. Our ecologists then undertook a number of surveys for the site including an Extended Phase 1 Survey and a Great Crested Newt Survey. A successful planning application was then submitted and development licenses for Great Crested Newt were granted by Natural England.

Ellendale Environmental continues to work with the client and have recently completed a Great Crested Newt Translocation and will assist on habitat creation for newts and other amphibians.

Craighall, Edinburgh

craighall, edinburgh.jpg

Ellendale Environmental is working with Persimmon Homes East Scotland on a development on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The development includes a business park, new primary school, two new village centres, residential housing and a country park.

Ellendale Environmental ecologists are undertaking surveys including an Extended Phase 1 survey and protected species surveys for otters, water vole, bats and badgers.

Ellendale Environmental will also be working with the project team to deliver a Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) for wading birds associated with the Firth of Forth SPA and an EIA chapter for ecology.