Environmental Services For Construction

Ellendale Environmental have provided ecological and environmental management support on construction projects for Balfour Beatty, Raynesway Construction and SSE Renewable.

Our Ecologists and ECoW’s have provided on-site support for a number of projects including undertaking activities including base line surveys, preconstruction surveys, onsite monitoring and mitigation. We have also undertaken consultation with statutory consultees such as SEPA, the RSPB and SNH.

Almondbank Flood Protection Scheme

The village of Almondbank has experienced a history of flooding from the River Almond and East Pow Burn, with serious flooding events taking place in 1993, 1999 and 2011. The flood protection scheme comprises a series of flood defences along the River Almond and the East Pow Burn and a temporary flood storage area on the playing fields next to Main Street at an estimated project cost of £14.7M.

Our staff are part of the onsite ecological and environmental management team for the project, supporting Balfour Beatty. Our ECoW undertook protected species surveys and monitoring across the project providing advice to both Balfour Beatty and Perth and Kinross Council. We provide onsite advice and support for ecological and environmental constraints including protected species and habitats, water management, drainage and silt mitigation, electrofishing and protected species monitoring.

Ghlas Coire Intake – River Garry Re-watering

Ghlas Coire Intake River Garry Rewatering.jpg

The upper River Garry, once a productive spring salmon river, has been largely drained of water by hydro power. The loss of water impacts on migratory fish and other wildlife. Ellendale Environmental are working with SSE Renewable to provide ecological and environmental support at the Ghals Coire Intake where the dam will be reduced in size to increase the flow of water into the burn.

Ellendale Environmental are undertaking consultation with SEPA, SNH and the RSPB to identify and monitor constraints such as Schedule 1 birds (hen harrier, merlin and golden eagle) as well as monitoring the project for water pollution and environmental management.